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Through our service you may receive the rights to use work from close to 145 000 Swedish and foreign creators.
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Do this: Type firstname [space] Enter surname consecutively without any other characters and then click on 'search'. Only last name or pseudonym also works well, but if you get more than 100 hits, you need to refine your search.

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Yes!You are welcome to apply for a permission to use the image. Fill in an application at Usually you get the permit quickly but sometimes it take a little longer, depending on how you want to use the work. Make sure you send the request well in advance.

No! In this case the person is not represented by Bildupphovsrätt or any of our sister organizations abroad. This means you must get hold of the author or his/her heirs to apply for permission. If you fail to do so, you do not have the right to use the image under copyright law.

NOTE! We try to keep the membership list up to date and accurate but cannot guarantee it. If you suspect that the information is incorrect or if you need further assistance with your search, contact us by emailing

Are you an art dealer? Please note that resale right is a statutory remuneration that all professional art dealers have to pay, regardless of whether an artist is on the member list or not. Read up on Copyright